NHL Winter Classic 2010 Set

The NHL’s Winter Classic games have been announced. This time around there will be two games played instead of one. The first game will match up the Flyers going one on one with the Boston Bruins at Fenway Park. The second game which is not yet set, will pair up the Maple Leafs playing the Flames at the McMahon Stadium. The Winter Classic isn’t just an ordinary game. It’s a game that only happens once a year and it’s played outside. That is special, having the chance of playing outside. Not many players will get the chance to play outside.

It sucks to be there in person live to watch the game because you’re going to be sitting in the stands which are not anywhere close to a regular hockey rink. The rink will be built in the middle of the baseball field, but on TV it will look great. I personally like the match up of the Bruins and Flyers. The Bruins had a great season last year and hopefully they will build from it. The second game, they could’ve found better teams to play on that day. Why not pit the Pens playing the Caps? That would be a great game to bring in the ratings…Ovechkin vs. Crosby outside or just have a rematch of the finals with the Pens and the Wings.

I know hockey is a dying sport and that is very unfortunate because it’s a great sport. Even though with the recent changes to the game, the sport isn’t getting the ratings as the NFL or NBA does. The NHL might be considered a sport like Golf. I’m not bashing the sport, but there really isn’t a lot of interest to the game anymore. I don’t see kids at school talking about it as much. During the playoffs, I knew two other people following the sport at the time who I can talk to on a daily basis. Thank goodness for Crosby and Ovechkin, because if it wasn’t for them, the sport would be in worse condition. For me personally, what kept my attention in the playoffs were the Bruins and how deep they would go into the playoffs. For the NHL to be relevant again and hopefully get more ratings is by limiting the season to maybe around 50 to 60 games instead of 80 games. By doing this they can start there playoffs before the NBA. Going head to head with the NBA is not a great idea for the ratings war.


Jordan quits Playinng Ball

Remember when John Elway’s kid left the football team at ASU? Well another legends kid is hanging it up. Jeffrey Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan is calling it quits. Jeffrey was playing basketball at Illinois as a walk on turned scholarship athlete. Now he is walking away from the game that his father dominated in the NBA. Jeffrey said, “I loved playing for the Fighting Illini and appreciate the support I was given by my teammates, coaches and the great fans here,” Jordan said. “But I have come to the point where I'm ready to focus on life after basketball. I will concentrate on earning my degree from the University of Illinois and the opportunities that await upon graduating.”

I never ever saw him play, but I have seen Jordan play and it was a great sight to watch his games on TBS or TNT back in the day. The only thing that could make Jeffrey not want to play is the possibility of not being able to live up to his dad’s greatness. There had to added pressure on him when he couldn’t perform well on the court. Or maybe he had enough of the sport and wants to pursue other things. I’ve known people who were good/great at their sport that they played and just wanted to focus on other things in life. At least he proved to people that he could play the game, he did walk onto a division 1 basketball program. Now we will see if Marcus Jordan will stay with the sport as he enters his first year at UCF.

Jennings is Staying

The last time the Packers had a big wide receiver was Javon Walker who left the team to the Broncos and his career faded away. Then came Greg Jennings, a player that fans didn’t know much about when the Pack drafted him in the 2006 draft in the second round. Since his debut in the NFL, he has shined into a great WR since Walker’s departure. Jennings has signed a new contract extension with the Packers for the next 3 years, Jennings will be making around up to 27 million with 16 of it in guarantees, and could make up to 30 million if he makes the Pro Bowl.

Jennings is a game changer and he gave Favre and also Rodgers options to throw to with Driver lining up on the other side of the filed as the main targets. With both pieces already set (even though Driver wants a new contract) this will give Rodgers more options on the field in the upcoming 2009 season. Rodgers will have more weapons to throw to such as throwing to the TE (Lee), slot WR (Nelson Jones, Martin), and RB (Grant, Jackson). Last year was Rodger’s breakout season which he had added pressure on since it was his first season and the season where the Packers declined to bring back Favre on the roster as well. I also expect Jordy Nelson to flourish next season as he showed a lot of potential this past season playing in the slot. Let’s hope that new D is molding well.


Favre a Viking?

I’ve been gone for a while now, but I should be soon returning on a regular basis. Over my absence there has been a lot that has happened. The Pens won the Stanley Cup and Kobe finally won a championship without Shaq. A lot has happened, but nothing else has caught my attention more than the prospect of Brett Favre going to the Vikings to play next season in the 2009.

When I first heard of the news, I was not surprised at all. I wrote on my previous blog when Favre officially retired that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back to play another down in the NFL. The question was which team he would be playing for. I knew the Vikings were interested in him last season, but I didn’t actually think the Vikings would still consider signing him. Since his surgery, it seems clearer every week that Favre will be returning to the NFL. Why else would he have gotten the surgery for? For giving his shoulder mobility when he rides his tractor. The Vikings even sent out their team trainer/doctor to see Favre. Favre in my opinion is ready to wear purple and yellow for the Vikings this upcoming season.

What does this mean? Well, it still means that the Lions will still have a harder time trying to win a game next season. Also it means that there are three teams who are really in the race for the NFC North Title with the Bears, Vikings, and Packers. The real clear cut favorite to win the title are the Vikings and then the Bears followed by the Packers. But it is a tossup with how the Bears and Packers will do next season. The Bears don’t have any receivers for Cutler to throw to and the Packers are changing to a 3-4 defense. So there are some unsure voids on both of the teams. With the arrival of Favre in Minnesota, will give the team the edge to win the title and be a Superbowl contender next season. I just thought I would never ever see Favre playing for another team in the NCF North.


Hard Knocks for Bengals

The HBO show Hard Knocks has picked the team to document this season, and it’s the Bengals? What, the Bengals…for real? Yep, it’s the Bengals. When I first heard the news I was disappointed, but then I thought about it and adjusted to the idea of watching them this season being filmed. I would love to see how the Bengals high execs run the team the way they do. I mean have you seen their past draft picks and run-ins with the law (Chris Henry comes to mind)? It would be very interesting to see how everything gets handled in the front office.

Another thing that I would love to see is how the Chad Johnson and Bengals drama plays out on TV. Will he be there being as a good player on camera or will he be the Chad Johnson that’s upset and wants to get traded. Then the other intrigue of the show is seeing the rookies, especially the rookies on the verge of losing a spot to be on the roster. You kind of feel for certain guys who bust their butts to get the spot on the roster. It really sucks when some of them come short of their dreams. Also to note it will be interesting to see the Bengals draft picks in Andre Smith and Ray Maualuga working out and practicing and getting accustomed to the NFL. Then finally, I like seeing how these football guys are at home with their wives and kids. That is an aspect of their lives which many people don’t see. I would like to see Palmer at home relaxing with his wife or maybe see Coach Lewis spend some time with his kids (if he has any).



It's been a while since I lasted posted, but I will be back soon . I have finals coming soon and need to get my head into the game.



An Angel has Fallen

I really don’t talk much about baseball here, but sometimes on an occasion I like to talk about the sport. This time the topic isn’t about steroids use in the MLB, but something tragic. Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart has died from a hit and run accident. Nick and two other people were hit by a drunk driver’s car on Thursday. Adenhart was only 22 years old and was drafted by the Angels in 2004 and only had 4 major league starts. He was the youngest pitcher to be on a pitching staff in the MLB this season He was a young man with his future ahead of him. I myself will be turning 21 in about two weeks. It’s hard to imagine losing your life at a very young age. He died hours right after he made his season debut this season. The drunk driver Andrew Gallo, ran away from the scene and has been arrested before for drunk driving with a suspended license and could face murder charges. Hopefully justice will be served.

When tragedy hits, the team comes together with times like these. Torii Hunter said, "He was a very funny kid and he's going to be missed," he said. "Every time you come to the stadium and you go in that clubhouse, you're looking at Nick Adenhart's locker. A lot of these guys in here have never lost anybody in their family that's close to them. I hate that this happened, but this is part of life. This is the real deal," he said. "That's why you've got to kiss your kids, kiss your family every day when you get up in the morning and before you leave for work." This season has already started tough for the Angels with this tragic loss, and they need to move on with their lives like people do, but with the memory of a young talent whose life was taken.

I remember when my high school football team lost their one of their RB in a gun shooting two years ago in the summer. That fall the team played well with a bigger reason to play. They played for their fallen teammate week in and week out. The team would eventually make it to the playoffs losing in the quarter finals. It was their drive and the memory of their teammate that made them make it to the playoffs. The last time the team made it to the playoffs was in 1988 in the Championship game. It was sad that they lost their teammate, but each time they walked out to the field they played not for themselves, but for their teammate who was no longer on the field with them. Maybe this will be the same thing for the Angels. Overall, it’s sad to see a young talent and human being like Adenhart die, who had so much potential to do great things in the MLB.

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